Architectural Photography Highlights the Design of Block C Apartments

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North County is a popular area of San Diego and North City is a master plan development recently named one of San Diego’s “Next Hot Neighborhoods” from SD Magazine. Block C is the newest addition and provides contemporary living spaces and luxury amenities. I took the following architectural photography images for Ledcor Group – a pleasure to work with that team and a gorgeous property to shoot.

Lighting is my passion and this development did not disappoint. I spent the entire day scoping out the natural sunlight and shadows to find how to best highlight the architectural features of the space. What is more inviting than sunlight peaking through the leaves? This is Southern California living.

architectural photography landscaping

While many photographers take mostly daylight shots, I often educate my clients on the value of dusk shots as well. The drama of the darkening sky with the added shadows from the lighting, often create images with much more ambiance. The glow of the pool below adds even more interest, with the ascending steps and seemingly inward fence lines pulling the viewer to the light of the patio.

pool architechtural photography

The clean lines of this development and contrasting colors work perfectly with the modern landscaping and outdoor furniture, providing a pleasing balance in this shot.

commerical photography

This is another favorite with similar balance, but a completely different outcome. While this seems to be a bright area, it still takes a large degree of professional lighting for it to actually appear that way in photos.

photography lighting

From this view, you can imagine the perfect area for a social gathering. I’ll bring the wine.

architectural photography lighting

I always provide my clients with a range of images for their portfolios and exteriors are always an important component. Having both a daylight and evening exterior gives clients flexibility in usage. This daylight shot showcases the property’s newness while the evening shot is perfect for part of a brochure or webpage showcasing the area’s well-known restaurant and evening choices.


exterior architectural photography

The interiors of this property are equally inviting, providing stark contrast of colors and shapes. However, the space can look flat without the professional lighting that allows subtle shadows where we want them, but also brightens darker areas, ultimately creating an image that looks completely natural and inviting.

interior architectual photography

contemporary architectural photography
My goal is always to create a range of impactful images to showcase a project the way the architect or designer intended. With more than 20 years of experience in architectural photography, I’ve worked with architects, designers, and other industry professionals on buildings and structures all over the world. I encourage you to peruse my portfolios (healthcare photography, commercial photography, industrial photography, institutional photography and hotel and resort photography) as well as testimonials to understand my passion for this work. If you are interested in a new range of images of your property, please contact me directly at Architectural Photography, Inc: 888-788-5554 or

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