Architectural Photography: Hanover Post Oak Luxury Apartments, Houston

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Situated in the heart of Uptown Houston, Hanover Post Oak Apartments is a very upscale residential complex that I recently had the pleasure of shooting. The building is 30 stories high with panoramic views, a stunning pool and very contemporary common areas. With extensive experience in architectural photography, I was able to highlight the modern lines while still conveying the warm ambience of the rooms.

My goal is always to create the feeling that the viewer is in the space. I like to use uncommon angles and often a lower viewpoint to create this impression. Anyone can imagine themselves relaxing here… chatting with a friend.

Interior Photography

Closeup shots can also create this sense of being part of the image. The white pages of the open book also create balance with the framed art against all the browns.

Architectural Photography Closeup

I tend to shoot from off-center to highlight the depth and expanse of the room. The wide focus in this room also showcases all of the intricate finishes and textures. It was important to me to capture the unique qualities of the space, such as the lines of the tiled floor, the wavy white wall detail, the silver chain chandelier, and even the finish of the table.

Architectural Photography

Although architectural photography generally focuses on the overall lines of the structure, I always like to capture intimate tight shots as well. These nuances instill a more personal experience of the room for the viewer.

Architectural Photography Details

Lighting is a particular passion of mine and I always view my projects at different times throughout the day and evening to see how light plays with the space. The sunlight in this shot creates warmth and contrast, and leads the eye through the room.

Hanover Post Oak Apartments

In this image, the striking view outside the window is what initially grabs the viewer’s attention, but it’s the shadows that guide the eye through the shot.

Shadows in Archtitectural Photography

Although the distant skyline obviously contributes to the drama of this shot, exterior photography should be more than just focusing on the view. Again, my low angle places the viewer in the space. It is imperative that the image hold them as long as possible. In this photo I have created a leading line, or rectangle, using the palm trees, skyline and fountains to create a loop holding the gaze within the image.

Exterior Architectural Photography

Shooting in the evening, however, can often create the most dramatic shots. We may all love sitting by the pool in the sun, of course, but this shot creates an inviting image as well. Pool party?

Dusk Pool Ambiance

Creating captivating architectural photography is important to highlight the features of many different types of structures. These carefully crafted shots draw viewers into the images, creating the feeling that they could be there, enjoying this luxurious lifestyle. These emotions are especially important when showcasing high-end housing, hotels, resorts and more. If you have a project in need of impactful imagery, contact me at Architectural Photography, Inc. 888-788-5554 or email me at

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