Biotech Commercial Photography: A new GMP facility

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In an ever changing Biotech Industry, opening a new state-of-the-art GMP facility can be a game changer. While these facilities are built to the highest standards and are outfitted with the newest top of the line equipment, they may not be the most intriguing spaces to photograph. It can be a daunting task for a photographer to showcase the different lab areas and amenities that these types of facilities offer. This was a challenge I recently faced when shooting Commercial Photography for the new GMP Manufacturing Facility at TriLink Biotechnologies, in San Diego CA.

GMP facilities are not designed to look beautiful. They are intended to produce the highest quality materials for use in all different scientific fields. While that may not mean much to the average person, it is imperative that these facilities pass the most stringent regulations. The trick as a photographer is to shoot these spaces so potential customers can see the quality of the facility and the equipment without actually being there. This begins before you even walk through the door.

It is critical to find the correct perspective that will showcase all aspects of the space when shooting Commercial Photography. The exterior as well as the entranceway can be difficult to frame, but are very important to feature. This particular facility is built inside a larger warehouse, which can pose challenges for showing the entire facility in one shot. Using a wider angle lense and positioning the camera correctly allowed me to fit the entire exterior in one shot.

Additionally, the one-way entrances and exits are essential to document even though they may not produce the most exciting photographs. Shooting at an eye level can give potential customers the perspective of actually walking into the facility and feeling the space for themselves.

Once inside, it gets a bit more interesting. The main hallway houses various safety features and entrances to all the different laboratory spaces. Positioning the camera straight down the hall helps to highlight all the different aspects and details of the space.

Safety can be one of the most important aspects when working in a GMP facility. Showing that the correct procedures are being followed by personnel can be very important to potential clients. Capturing these moments can be even more daunting.

Probably the most important part of the facility are the actual laboratory spaces. Each room is designed for different steps of the synthesis process and houses different instrumentation. It is imperative to detail not only the space, but how meticulously the facility and the equipment are cleaned and maintained.

While certain shots are important for the client to represent the facility in the best light to potential clients, I like to also add an artistic touch to some of the photos. Finding an intriguing angle of a piece of equipment can result in some very compelling shots and help to set the client apart from their competitors.

It was a great pleasure to work with the team at TriLink Biotechnologies while photographing their new GMP Facility in San Diego, CA. It is always interesting to see and photograph these large commercial spaces. Each facility can be quite unique and allows me to express my creativity. If you are considering Commercial Photography for a project, please contact us at Architectural Photography, Inc.: 888-788-5554 or visit

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