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Whenever I’m on hotel and resort photography projects, I also like to shoot surrounding attractions such as landmarks, parks, unique shops…whatever is representative of the region.  It provides a more extensive impression of the property and area to use to highlight the destination.

I was recently in Leavenworth, Kansas to shoot The Fairfield Inn by Marriott.  What a time to be in Kansas!  As I ventured around the area, the fall foliage was stunning.  This landscape photography was one of the highlights of the trip.


Landscape photography was one of my early passions, so it was a true thrill to find the best angles and tricks to highlighting these peak fall colors.  Contrary to what it might seem, a bright, sunny day is not always the best way to capture the oranges and yellows of autumn.  The softer light of an overcast day or dusk dusk light against the clouds above actually highlight the contrast of the colors better than just an open blue sky.  Clouds in a sky offer texture and color undulation that are not present in a clear sky.

Adding a few architectural features can offer scale, dimension, interest and reference to the shot. Can’t you just imagine sitting on that bench?  These help the viewer place themselves in the image.


Water can also intensify fall photos.  The blue-grays of the water create a soft feel and distinguish the crisp detail of the bright oranges and yellows of the leaves, while the reflection adds unique drama to the scene.  Of course, I love the bridge in the background as well.


Amazing how just a slightly different angle can completely alter a composition creating more intensity and drama in the shot.


And don’t discount what’s fallen on the ground.  In this shot, the colors of the leaves on the bottom of the shot balance those of the tree, creating a unique framing of the architectural features.


For someone like me, who now lives in Southern California and doesn’t always get the full exposure to dramatic fall foliage, these additional landscape photography shots were a true delight, and certainly enhance the overall visual story expressed by all the shots provided to The Fairfield Inn.

Landscape photography can be an impactful addition to many architectural projects.  I’ve worked with architects, builders, hotels/resorts, and real estate agents to create artistic landscape images of their projects.  If you have an interesting natural scene, botanical features or other unique landscape project you would like to highlight, please give me a call at Architectural Photography, and I can provide impactful images to highlight your home or business.

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