Healthcare Commercial Photography: Showcasing the Lauritzen Outpatient Center & Fritch Surgery Center

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After years of planning and construction, the much anticipated, much heralded Lauritzen Outpatient Center & Fritch Surgery Center at Nebraska Medical Center recently opened. Designed and constructed through a collaboration of building industry professionals including MCL Construction, RDG Planning and Design, Specialized Engineering Services, Nebraska Medicine, and HOK, this structure is stunning. It was an honor and a welcome challenge to ensure that the healthcare commercial photography that I provided truly showcased the magnitude of this project.

This state-of-the-art facility features modern, clean lines and spectacular two-story tall windows that fill the entire lobby and second floor loft with welcoming sunshine. My passion is lighting and how light and shadows highlight particular architectural features of a space, both inside and outside. My goal is always to work closely with the architects and designers to maintain and highlight their original ideas and concepts. With so many windows and open spaces, this project was a pleasure.

On every commissioning, I spend a great deal of time scouting the space throughout the day and night. Natural light and shadows, as well as the structure’s own lighting all contribute to creating a range of impactful images generating varying moods and highlighting various features of the building. Note the differences in the following two shots:


It’s important to me to provide my clients with a range of images for all of their necessary needs including marketing, education, human resources and more that may be used in print and digital media. A signature exterior image is always one of my favorite challenges and I take shots throughout the day to highlight different architectural features with shadows and lighting.

Photographing this medical center offered a range of interesting and distinctive shots that the client needs to be able to feature their various testing and treatment options. MRI facilities are a unique challenge. The most powerful part of a professional photograph is that it allows a client to show their work without having to physically take someone to it. MRI facilities have extremely restricted access, so my goal is to create an image that illustrates the space exactly how it appears, as if the viewer is standing in the room.

The CT scanning room may seem to be a very straight-forward shot, however, the architects and designers spent a great deal of effort planning this space and it’s my job to provide images that showcase as much of the room details as possible. I often choose a lower or off-center angle to create a more interesting image, which also tends to pull the viewer in the room. These images may be useful in a marketing piece to highlight the medical center’s facility, but also may help show a patient what to expect from the procedure.

With the variety of building industry professionals on this project, I was tasked with shooting a range of images from the machine room. I have extensive experience with commercial photography and industrial photography and enjoy these shots immensely. Again, I often find that an off-center angle creates a more interesting image. This is one of the favorites, that both focuses on the detail in the center, but also demonstrates the scale of the space. Additionally I positioned myself to highlight the contrast of colors throughout the room.

Finally, lighting, lighting LIGHTING! This staircase was a funhouse of color and contrast. Surrounded on three sides with natural early morning light, this spaces offered a wide range of textures and a full spectrum of warmth. I used shadows and highlights to convey what the architects envisioned would happen to this space in the early morning sunlight.

It was a pleasure to work with this collaboration of industry professionals to provide a portfolio of healthcare commercial photography images highlighting this amazing new medical center. To ensure an array of impactful images for your health care facility or other structure, it’s important to work with an experienced architectural photographer. For more than 20 years, I’ve photographed a range of structures and invite you to peruse my portfolios (healthcare photography, commercial photography, industrial photography, institutional photography as well as hotel and resort photography) and testimonials to understand my passion for this work. Please contact me directly at Architectural Photography, Inc: 888-688-5510 or

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