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The Cromwell Las Vegas is such a remarkable resort and an impressive project to shoot, I have to share a few more interior photography shots from Giada, the restaurant, the amazing Cromwell Suite and some nuance shots.

Previously the old Barbary Coast, architects Leo A. Daly have completely transformed it with a luxurious and intimate Parisian-inspired atmosphere.  The hotel’s blend of modern and vintage design is another unique element.  This alone helped to hone my approach in photographing it.

The restaurant is award-winning celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis’ first-ever and it features warm colors, comfortable furniture and natural lighting thanks to one of this project’s many original features, the huge retractable dining room windows.  Again, a favorite challenge of mine is to represent the light and design colors the way the architect and decorators intended.

I love this entrance…the property really maintains a balance between clean lines and soft luxury.  The simplicity of this stairway entrance to Giada also represents the challenge of shooting contrast with white against the dark walls.


At the top of the stairs, the palate softens, but with more lighting.

direct view

And what a thrill to capture the intimacy of the dining experience with the juxtaposition of the Las Vegas Strip right outside.

The luxurious, yet eclectic design of the hotel is also seen in the magnificent Cromwell Suite.  This 1,730-square-foot suite features a spacious living area with sectional seating, several flat-screen TVs, an eight-seat dining table and a pool table.

Unique details such as this table are great to shoot, as I have to be aware of keeping the lighting natural and bright, but also controlling the glare on the metal barrels, tiles and ceiling.


This shot presents a similar opportunity…I like to turn on all the lights, yet need to make sure the colors are true and the glare adds dimension, without distracting the viewer.

This property has such intricate details… I love to focus on these and call them “nuance” shots.   The quotes written in tile are something I’ve never seen before.  Yet another in a long line special touches afforded in this boutique experience.

…oh the details.  Right down to iridescent individually set pool and spa tiling.

tile 3

And the ubiquitous luxury logo shot is always a good one to have on hand.


Again, as I continue to shoot more resorts, I’m finding great challenge and accomplishment in bringing out the best of the architecture, lighting, and design of these properties.  If you need help highlighting the best of your property, please give me a call at Architectural Photography and I will show you how we can make your project or property stand out too.

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