Why Quality Architectural Stock Photography is Important

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3375-4The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be cliché, but it is still true.  An image is a shortcut to an idea, explanation or concept.  In many businesses, photos help to demonstrate a skill and/or product. For architects, developers, interior designers, landscape architects, material suppliers, to name just a few, architectural photography is integral to their sales and marketing efforts. Not all companies have the time or resources to produce a photo shoot, so high quality architectural stock photography can actually be a dependable and viable option.

When to use architectural stock photography:

There are a variety of reasons why a business would choose stock photography.  The expense of a professional photo shoot may be prohibitive for a small or new business, they may not have the time to produce a professional photo shoot when the photos are needed, or it may be that their project isn’t ready to be photographed, yet promotional materials need to be produced. Quality stock architectural photography can often supply an affordable, appropriate, and effective representation of the product.

Architectural Stock Photography Bedroom

Why quality matters:

Sometimes companies may think that a professional architectural photographer is not necessary and any quick shots they can take will be fine. However, photos represent all aspects of your business. People make assumptions, and if your images are of poor quality, often people will generalize that feeling to the business overall. It’s often better to use quality stock photography than poor quality photos of your actual product.

Architectural stock photographyHow to find quality architectural stock photography:

There are many sources for stock photography on the Internet, from free amateur or student websites to general stock sites. However, photographing people is very different than photographing architectural features. Be careful that stock photos you may be considering are produced by a professional architectural photographer.


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