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The brand new SAC Federal Credit Union Building in Omaha has recently celebrated its grand opening.  Designed by Leo A. Daly, this $25 million corporate headquarters is 94,000 square feet and is planned to accommodate the $694 million, 79,000-member credit union’s growth for the next 20 to 30 years.

Not only was this an amazing opportunity for me to provide architectural photography for one of the largest and most acclaimed architectural firms in the world, but the building is just stunning.  I had worked with the firm in the past and was truly thrilled and honored for them to have chosen me to help showcase this project.  Once I saw the beauty and allure of the building, I fell in love with this assignment.

My particular passion is how light plays with a space, both the interior and exterior.  I thrive on the challenge of how to highlight the features of the building while maintaining the effect of the light as the architect intended it.  My goal is always to work with architects and designers to showcase their ideas and concepts.  For me, the final product has to look as though you are standing right in the room.

I immersed myself in the space of this building at different times of the day to the point where I had a complete feel for what they were trying to convey and to determine the best times for different lighting.



However, this is not to imply that it is just natural light.  There is a tremendous amount of lighting incorporated.  I never use strobe lights or flashes because it creates images that look flat and lifeless. My goal is to create an image where you feel like you are standing in the room.


I have a series of techniques I draw upon to create the image I have in mind.  Additionally, an enormous amount of thought and post-production work go into making it appear natural and balanced.


And details always matter.  See below the original shot on top with some darker offices, and on bottom I brightened them to create better consistency and balance for a better final image.

146146 Corrected

Again, it was thrilling to be a part of this project and to be able to help promote this gorgeous building.  A tremendous amount of time and effort went into this shoot.



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