Specific Architectural Photography: Creating Artistry in Industrial Photography

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Industrial photography is a part of architectural photography that concentrates on pictures of worksites for use in marketing, educational and public service materials, brochures, websites and more. The idea of industrial photography can conjure thoughts of dull photos of assembly lines or tools. It has been a welcome challenge for me recently to work in a variety of industrial settings and find ways to capture distinctive and beautiful images of worksites, tools, products, and people.

Working with MCL Construction and Clark Nexsen, my task at Bayer Cropscience in Nebraska was to highlight the components of agricultural research and development. My first thought when I think of “research” is white walls. I worried that I wouldn’t find anything visually interesting. This ended up being far from that.

I always spend a great deal of time on a project throughout the day and evening to see how light plays with the scene and space, and I insisted on late day access here. The waning light of this early summer day showed me…truly. Art is more than producing, it is allowing things to reveal themselves and being experienced enough to be there when they do.The setting became beautiful and the distinct lines of the greenhouse against the soft landscape created a captivating juxtaposition.

Industrial Photography - Bayer AG

A goal of mine is to always create the feeling that the viewer is in the space, by manipulating the angle of the shot, the proximity of details, lighting or such. For this shot, I situated the camera right at eye level with a straight view. The lines of the walls and ceiling enclose the viewer directly in the corridor, however the reflective light keeps the impression bright, open and welcoming.

Agriculture Photography

Including people in industrial photography projects adds energy and life to the photos. Using unique angles and elements to border the shot can create a much more interesting image. At Tree Island Steel, viewing this worker from this perspective literally directs our focus on his attention to detail while also showing the scale of the product.

Product Industrial Photography

Another example from Industrial Alloys, Inc. showcases the production line with the added dimension of the angular fencing in the foreground.

Production Line Photography

Highlighting details can be an interesting addition to a portfolio of images.Tight shots can showcase texture, color, and other nuances creating impactful contrasts to large scale industrial photography.

Detail Photography

At Bayer Cropscience, an off-center perspective and injection of color combines with backlighting and overhead reflections to create a distinctive image of beakers.

Agriculture Photography

This shot was a favorite from Bayer Cropscience. Another good example of combining the artificial light inside with stunning sunshine outside, and an off-center perspective at eye-level puts the viewer right into that greenhouse.

Agriculture Photography

I have worked with a variety of clients to highlight industrial settings, from assembly line locations to architects and materials producers who want to showcase their design or product used in construction. Creating artistic images can often make a company more accessible to the public and can have a major impact on the perception of your business. Choosing an architectural photographer who is experienced in industrial photography can provide your business with an array of distinctive photos to complement the image you want to project for your company. Contact Architectural Photography, Inc. to discuss plans for your unique portfolio of images.

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